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SCADpad – Living Large in a Parking Space

Parking garages are everywhere and nowhere at once. Utilitarian to the core, the structures are designed to blend in to their predominantly urban surroundings while serving an essential function: to house vehicles as efficiently as possible. Human considerations count only insofar as they further a greater efficiency of space utilization. In other words, it’s all about the cars. Parking structures are built to be used, not aesthetically admired. As such, the spaces can elicit a sense … Continue Reading ››

James Marston Fitch and the Nature of Habitation

Whether inside a humble igloo or the international space station, humanity cannot long survive without an appropriate means of shelter. How well a shelter performs its protective function is obviously a critical consideration in environmental extremes. Yet over longer durations of occupancy, the emotional well-being of a structure’s inhabitants come into play. After all, humanity is not simply one massive ant colony – aesthetics matter, even mark us as human. Architect James Marston Fitch (1909-2000) … Continue Reading ››

Redevelopment of the Acuff-Rose Building, Nashville – Part 2

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Acuff-Rose building’s original façade was the near total concealment of its windows. At curbside, there would appear to be no clear means of entering the 23,500-square-foot building. Until recent renovations, decorative pre-cast concrete panels dominated the black granite walls of the façade, imparting an unmistakably mid-century modern aesthetic to the building. Known as decorative screening or tracery, this once very popular architectural treatment referenced the Gothic architecture … Continue Reading ››