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Paul Rousso

The ink and paper era is drawing to a close. “All this stuff,” as artist Paul Rousso puts it, “is going away.” That “stuff” is no less than the paper-based underpinnings of modern civilization. Texts, images, sheet music, currency – the paper document is being displaced by its transformation into so many bits of binary code, digitized for the screen and everyplace at once. Yet paper documents are themselves an expression of something else entirely. … Continue Reading ››

Edward Belbusti

Sculptor and ceramic artist Edward Belbusti creates works that are both cerebral and sensual at the same time. The elegant, curving forms of his Touch Series, for example, encourages viewers to go beyond a purely visual appreciation of the pieces’ fluid shapes and rich clay hues and actually feel the sculptures – to relish the tactile sensation of the smoothly burnished, waxed terracotta. Belbusti’s vocabulary is the clay slab, punctuated by the occasional use of steel … Continue Reading ››

SCADpad – Living Large in a Parking Space

Parking garages are everywhere and nowhere at once. Utilitarian to the core, the structures are designed to blend in to their predominantly urban surroundings while serving an essential function: to house vehicles as efficiently as possible. Human considerations count only insofar as they further a greater efficiency of space utilization. In other words, it’s all about the cars. Parking structures are built to be used, not aesthetically admired. As such, the spaces can elicit a sense … Continue Reading ››